What are Brochures? Its Use and Importance
July 16, 2016

Large Format Printing  refers to print materials that square measure overlarge to be written on the foremost promptly obtainable sizes of business printing presses. Typically referred to as wide-format printing or grand-format printing, Large Format Printing needs the employment of specialty production instrumentation that may accommodate bigger-than-normal print dimensions.


In the printing business, “large format” is truly a relative term as a result of most print sizes varies from printer to printer. However usually speaking, massive format refers to the subsequent classes of print materials:


  • Window and Wall Posters
  • Maps, Diagrams and Charts
  • Event Announcements
  • Large Wall Calendars
  • Store Displays
  • Promotional accumulation
  • Child Growth Charts
  • Important Notices for workers, Students or different teams
  • Standees
  • Horizontal or Vertical Banners

As you’ll see, Large Format Printing in Dubai has several uses. It is often accustomed get attention from far, to produce fast reference, or to produce an outsized visual to be used during a schoolroom or different educational setting. Also, most businesses use massive format print materials for promotional functions.


Large Format Printing is most typically designed as a flat wall-hanging, however it may be created to fold or in some cases created to be free-standing. No matter you would like for big format printing, get in-tuned with Color Track complete designing and printing solutions.