Colortrack Digital Printing Press Dubai uses the best quality plastic, metal and lit up letters and logos in the market, customized to your needs. We have our own 3D Signage Dubai setup.
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters Dubai
Make your name or logo stick out in methods flat signs merely can’t match!
A terrific way to make your company name, logo or marketing message stick out, custom-made 3D signage and dimensional lettering are specialized at Image360.
Typically called three-dimensional signage or dimensional signage, our 3D signage includes a dimension of depth to width and height. Even inside, the shape and shading of 3D indications and letters catch the eye in methods that flat, two-dimensional letters, logos and graphics just can’t match!
Extra benefits? You can choose either indoor dimensional lettering and signage or outside dimensional lettering and signs. What’s more, at Image360 there’s the type of a 3D sign for nearly every application and spending plan!
All set to take the next action with 3D indications and dimensional letters?
Contact us today by calling directly +971 4 2396163 to establish a consultation to discuss your requirements and review our solutions. Your source of custom graphics, signage, and screens, you can also count on Image360 for measurement, style concepts and permitting (when needed) along with mounting or installation.
Applications for 3D indications and dimensional letters
The uses for customized 3D signs and letters from Image360 are limited only by your creativity! Stores, restaurants, offices, business, organizations, schools, hospitals, and other usages them for:

  • Indoor dimensional lettering and indications
  • 3D logo signs
  • Outdoor dimensional lettering
  • Reception wall 3D letters and signs
  • Additional concepts for 3D signs and dimensional letters
  • For boosted exposure, Image360 can light your dimensional signs and three-dimensional letters What’s more, we can combine them with other signs. One example? Have us create a customized wall mural with dimensional lettering and 3D graphics for an innovative– and remarkable– display screen!
    Types of 3D indications and dimensional letters.
    Custom-made three-dimensional signage and dimensional letters from Image360 can be made of many materials, each with various qualities. Here are the most popular:
  • Acrylic 3D signs and letters: Highly versatile, acrylic 3D signs and letters can be cut, polished, bevel-edged, sandblasted or engraved. Pick clear dimensional acrylic indications or acrylic sign letters in nearly any color.
  • Foam 3D indications and letters: A popular choice for indoor applications, foam 3D signs and letters are quickly formed, light in weight and low in expense. Many modification choices are readily available. You can paint foam 3D signs and letters, or laminate them with a layer of metal or tough plastic.
  • Metal 3D signs and letters: Providing a high-quality look, metal 3D indications and letters likewise provide long-lasting sturdiness. Popular metals consist of aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel. Metal 3D indications and letters can be brushed, painted, polished and even left rusty to attain the look you desire!
  • Plastic 3D indications and letters: Another economical and quickly personalized option, plastic 3D signs and letters can be formed or injection-molded from numerous kinds of plastic. With plastic 3D indications and letters, you’ll select from many colors and surfaces.
  • Wood 3D letters and indicators: Appealing natural charm and a rustic appeal, wood 3D indications and letters can be crafted from practically any wood– including weather-resistant types like cedar or redwood. When left natural, sandblasting can draw out the appeal of the wood grain. Naturally, wood 3D indications and letters likewise can be painted to any shade.